First Evangelical Lutheran Church of Odenton


All are welcomed to join us in worshiping our Lord and Savior.

Our Pastor,
Rev. Alec Fisher

Pastor Alec Fisher was born and raised in Tampa, FL. He studied Judaism, World Religion, History, and Anthropology at the University of Florida before going on to study Lutheran theology at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. He is currently writing a thesis on 9th century Greek/Latin New Testament manuscripts. Pastor Alec is married to Rachel, and they have two children, Adeline and Jack. They enjoy traveling, reading, fitness, music, and the outdoors, as well as enjoying the company of friends and family.

Pastor Fisher can be reached at 410-672-3358 or


From the Pastor's Pen...

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Summer is now in full swing! The sun is out and the sky is blue (most of the time). People go from one outdoor activity to the next. There are so many more things to do. Whereas the shorter days of winter have a dampening effect upon our spirits, the long days of summer are rejuvenating and exciting. At the same time, they can be incredibly tiring! In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of summer, I encourage you to take some time to find rest.

Jesus sent his disciples out into to the world to proclaim his Gospel. It was an exciting time for the church. Even in the midst of persecution, the followers of Jesus were overflowing with joy. Yet, he also told them, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matt. 11:28). Find rest for your body in the midst of a busy season, and find rest for your soul in Jesus Christ. Rest in his love. Rest in his forgiveness. Rest in his grace. Rest in the life that he gives abundantly.

We all need the rest that Christ offers us. I encourage you also to seek out the same rest for those around you. There are many in this world who face persecution for all kinds of reasons. There are many in this world who are taken captive by the will of others, disparaged, marginalized, hurt, condemned all at the will of sinful humanity. Share with them the Gospel. Share the Gospel with their persecutors. Pray for them. And, when you are able, as the body of Jesus Christ himself, offer them an outstretched arm of love, help in time of need. In that moment, Christ is made manifest in you. Through you, Christ brings rest. In Jesus Christ, and in him alone, this world finds true rest. May or Lord bring you rest this season. Amen.

In the love of Christ,

Pastor Alec


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