Whether you are new in town or have lived here your whole life, we at First Evangelical Lutheran Church welcome you to worship with us as we celebrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We consider it a privilege to open our doors and hearts to you. Our church has much to offer to those who are seeking forgiveness, acceptance, and strength for living in Jesus Christ.

If you have no church home, First Evangelical Lutheran Church invites you and your family to join us in Christian worship and fellowship.

Sunday Service

10:30 AM Worship Service (w/Communion) in the Church Sanctuary.  In-person services resumed at the end of July 2020, but you must register online to attend as services are currently limited to 50 people.  Also, we ask that you please follow our COVID-19 worship guidelines.

10:30 AM Online Worship Service.  See our YouTube page for previous services and a link to this week’s service.  Online services have a few minute countdown before the service begins.

Education Hour

9:00 AM Education Hour (Sunday School, Confirmation and Adult Bible Study).

In general, classes are paused during summer and extend from the Sunday after Labor Day to the Sunday prior to Memorial Day.  Due to the current COVID-19 situation, however, the education hour is on pause until further notice.


Nursery Care

Children are a joy to have in worship (and we have a children’s sermon), but nursery care is also available should you desire it. The Nursery room is on the left side at the bottom of the stairs just after you enter the church. Any usher will be happy to direct you to the nursery.


Each Sunday we celebrate the Lord’s Supper.  Instituted by Jesus himself, it is also known as the Eucharist (Greek for “thanksgiving”), the Sacrament (Latin for “a consecrating”) of the Altar, and Holy Communion (denoting mutual fellowship and sharing). In this shared meal, our Lord Jesus Christis present in his body and blood for the forgiveness of our sins.  As he lives and is present within us he makes himself known to the world through us.  Therefore he welcomes to his table those who repent of sin and trust in him as Savior. This is the proclamation of faith confessed at this altar.

Those who are not receiving the body and blood of Christ but wish to receive a blessing are also invited to come forward.  Simply bow your head and cross your arms over your chest to indicate to the pastor that a blessing is desired.


Coffee and snacks are available in the Fellowship Hall before and after the church service.