Due to COVID-19, a large portion of the congregation continues to be unable to attend services for health and safety reasons.  As such, video ministry has become a primary mission for us. Therefore, we seek to invest in our video capabilities to allow us to stream and record our services in the sanctuary.

The technology team met a few times this summer and determined that a 2-camera system would be a sufficient for the sanctuary. The cameras would be in the back and would focus on the altar area, and the new video processing and distribution equipment would be placed next to the current audio booth. Additionally, we need to purchase some new computer equipment for the office to help with the current video needs.

We would like to raise $7500 for the system and upgrades. A member has agreed to match up to $3000 for the new system. Your impact will be doubled through August!  Every dollar helps.

You can donate via mail (please write “Video” on the envelopes), or online through our Planning Center software (please choose the “Video” fund from the dropdown) – just hit the button below.


Progress So Far 100%

Update 17 August: we did it!  133% donated for our new video system.  Thank you to everyone who helped!


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