Your Time and Talent


Your most valuable way to donate to the church is to give your time and talent.  For example,

    • Help cleanup the flower beds.
    • Teach Sunday School.
    • Be an usher.
    • Bring a dish to one of our many events, or help out in the kitchen.
    • Help set up or clean up before or after an event.
    • Join the church council.
    • Help with CAP food distributions.
    • Join the women’s group, or a Bible study group, or a small group.
    • Tell your friends about Jesus Christ and First Evangelical, and bring them to church with you.

Cash or Check

You can drop your cash or check in the collection plate during Sunday service or just mail a check to the church office.

All donations are tax deductible, but to get credit you should use a church envelope (e-mail to start receiving church envelopes) or write your name on the outside of a regular envelope when you give.

Donations are generally placed in the church General Fund, which is used to pay day to day expenses and other items on the church’s approved budget.  Donations can also be Designated, which means that you’d like your donation to be used for a particular purpose.  The most common of these is the Building Fund, used to pay the church mortgage (write “Building Fund” or “Mortgage” on your check). 

E-mail to ask about other ways that you can designate your donation.

Text Message

All the crazy kids these days use these new-fangled cell phones, and First Evangelical has joined the revolution by allowing donations via text message! There are two ways to get started:

  1. Send a text message to 84321 with the word help or any dollar amount.
  2. Using your cell phone, scan the QR code in the church bulletin. It looks like this:

With either option, you’ll get a reply that allows you to setup an account with Church Center, our online giving agent. Once setup, Apple Pay, direct bank debit and credit cards can be used to give to First Evangelical.

Bank Debit or Credit Card

As with text message option above, our online giving agent Church Center allows online donations to First Evangelical via direct bank debit and credit cards. Use the below link to try it out!

Give Via Church Center